• Free Bus Parking

Free bus parking is available at Johsaien for up to 3 hours.

  • Space for up to 11 full-size buses
  • Parking is free
  • Reservations required (when visiting to dine and/or shop, we will provide you with a reservation number)
  • If our parking lot is full, we will cover the fee for parking at the Ninomaru Parking Lot (500 yen). Please bring your receipt to a parking lot guard.
  • Dining for Groups

Restaurant Seating Price (tax incl.) Meals for tour guides/staff
Japanese Cuisine
74 seats – Seating on floor: 46 / 1 table (4 seats) / 3 private rooms (max 12 seats) Lunch: Starting at ¥1,620
Dinner: Starting at ¥2,500
Special staff meal (Free)
Buffet Restaurant
84 seats – Table seating Lunch: ¥1,500 (weekdays) ¥1,800 (weekends & holidays)
Dinner: ¥2,680
(children half price)
Same menu as guests (Free)
Yamami Chaya
Aso Garden
48 seats – Table seating Lunch/Dinner: Starting at ¥1,620 Special staff menu (free),
Same menu as guests (half price)
Amakusa Seafood
33 seats – Table seating Lunch/Dinner: Starting at ¥1,620 Special staff menu (¥500),
Same menu as guests (half price)
Yume Akari
Higo Specialties
54 seats – Table seating Lunch/Dinner: Starting at ¥1,836 Separate meal (¥800)
Sakuranzaka 24 seats – Table seating Lunch: ¥1,500 Special staff meal (Free)

Click here for our lunch & dinner menus (in Japanese).


    • Rest Areas & Tour Guide Lunches

      • Indoor rest areas are available for tour guides and tour staff members at Johsaien.
      • Lunches for tour guides/staff are available at Sakuranzaka for ¥500 (tax included). Only lunch is available, and only for tours that do not have reservations at a specific restaurant.


  • Discount Shopping Tickets

Packs of 11 one-hundred yen tickets for only 1000 yen (reservations required).
Using discount tickets:

    • Available for purchase at Kobaian in Johsaien (if Kobaian is closed, can be purchased at Sakuramichi)
    • Usable at all 23 shops and restaurants within Johsaien Sakura-no-Koji area.
    • One ticket entitles bearer to 100 yen towards shopping (or dining)
    • Can be combined with cash.
    • Cannot be exchanged for cash. No change given for purchases made completely with discount tickets.
    • Usage period: Can only be used during travel period